RHP–The Provider

Tomorrow, you can get your very own copy of The Provider, by Katie Lea Yates! Even if you’ve already downloaded the Kindle version, and you totally SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS, tomorrow the paperback is being released.

Katie has book events lined up, two in the Houston, Texas area tomorrow: Katy Budget Books in the afternoon and at The Gorgeous Gael in the morning. Check these out and arrive early—this book is flying off the shelves!

I could list numerous reasons why you should read The Provider, but mostly because It. Is. Phenomenal. And you know what? The sequel will be out in January 2015, because it’s just that good, too good to make fans wait longer that six months . . .

So get your copy—Kindle now, book event or online Saturday, July 19. Or both. Just do it. And read and review it—I can almost guarantee you’ll give it five stars!


Finishing eighth grade and getting ready for high school is hard enough. Finding out that you can jump into the pictures you’ve drawn and become ruler of thousands of people makes it just a tiny bit tougher.

Thankfully, I’m not alone. There’s a whole group of us. They’re very cool, and I love living with them.

But it seems that I brought back a little more than my memories when I jumped into that first drawing—now I’m able to create things, or bring things from somewhere else, or . . . well, it’s complicated.

And unfortunately, somebody might want us all dead.




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