Prep Monday—Plans in Action

We’ve narrowed down our search for land to 9 Missouri counties—17 properties. Of course, we aren’t quite ready to buy, and these could certainly change, but in just a couple months we’ll start driving around and checking things out.

We’re going to plan on 35 acres; this seems to meet our budget and we really have to stop saying, “Or whatever size we end up with.” Mostly wooded is the main criteria, some open/pasture is fine, and of course, a flat section for building. Live water is preferred, but probably not on a major waterway—tubing is popular in the areas we’re looking at, but that means people . . .

I printed off some graph paper and drew a rough sketch of the compound:

24’ X 30’ cabin with a driveway/parking area leading to the side

4 8’ X 8’ outbuildings: pump house, supplies, general storage, and fuel

12’ X 12’ platform for tent

Outhouse/outdoor shower

16’ X 24’ garden

There is also room for fruit trees/vines, and a small stall/stable/enclosure for a cow. No chickens! I’m still terrified of them—but we’ll have a hive as well. We can trade for eggs. And bacon. J

Now, in case you’re wondering about the tent and outhouse, the plan is to move out there WHILE we’re building the house. And, of course, we need something to live in, and somewhere to um, go, so there’s that. And, later, our friends can come out and camp—instant campground!

Of course, that’s if you know the location and the secret password . . .


One comment on “Prep Monday—Plans in Action

  1. authormjlogan says:

    I’m excited for you. This would be my dream come true.


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