RHP—Writers’ Conference

I may have scared a few people this weekend. In fact, I’m sure I did—especially those whom I “borrowed” during my presentation. But I’m equally sure they’ll recover . . .


Well, mostly. Probably.


See, I gave a talk on “submitting, marketing, and distribution” and what YOU, the writer, must do to increase your sales and your odds of success.


What are these things?


Be visible.

Promote yourself and your book.

Make yourself an expert.

Make contacts.

Follow up.

Schedule events.

Form relationships.


I talked about the dos and don’ts. See, if you walk into a store to buy a TV, and the salesman runs up to you, gets in your face, and shrieks over and over, “BUY THIS ONE! THIS ONE! BUY IT NOW!” you’re going to think it’s time to call for back up.


But if he starts the conversation with introducing himself, making non-threatening comments about the weather or something equally inane—but socially acceptable—and gets to know you (however superficially in such a short time), he can recommend the best TV for YOU. Even if it’s not the one that nets him the highest commission.


And so you get what you need or want, are happy with the choice, and you’ll probably remember him fondly—maybe even tell your friends about his other products.


See how that works?


My marketing book, only on Kindle, will be revamped and expanded in the very near future—be sure to keep an eye out for it—and it covers all these things I listed above, and more.


One comment on “RHP—Writers’ Conference

  1. Janet Cannon says:

    Introverts always recover…with quilts. And afghans. And throws. 😉 Thanks again for coming and presenting.


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