Prep Monday—Lining up the Ducks

Okay, we’re not exactly lining up ducks, but we DID outline the new house: in our current back yard, just because we can.


It’s 24 by 32 feet, which comes to 768 square feet, which is the smallest house we’ve ever lived in. One house in Texas came close, 900, including the garage, but that was two adults, three kids, and a large dog. This one will be two adults, a small dog—and possibly a medium-sized one, along with a cat. And the cat will be thrilled, since he’ll be able to go outside! Finally!

So, bedroom, office, bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Oh, and the gun cabinet . . .

We’re cracking ourselves up here, going “through the walls” instead of doors—we haven’t marked all those. The main purpose here is to see the size, especially room size, in case we need to make adjustments.

I won’t lie, it’s pretty exciting. But the neighbors are probably wondering . . .



6 comments on “Prep Monday—Lining up the Ducks

  1. Great idea…if you have the land you know you can build on. For those who don’t, there’s always the “tiny houses” you can build/buy that you can move by towing them, if you need to.


  2. My sister and BIL just sold their little house – bedroom, bath, kitchen, living room. It is an adorable house, but every inch counts in a little house. What if your son needs to come back home?


    • Why would he need to come back home? He’ll be off the college/apartment, it’s what he wants. We’ll have a platform tent to live in while we build, so if anyone needs to stay that’ll be there.


  3. An interesting project. Have you ever considered converting sea containers to a house? They’re fantastic and inexpensive. Add as many as you need, configure in any number of designs. “:)


  4. And even if the house is tiny, don’t forget the sunspace so you can grow stuff year round. “Peppers for Preppers” comes to mind. “:)


    • Next week, maybe, I’ll post the compound layout… 🙂 On another note, every time I see Alexandra’s posts about peppers, I automatically see “preppers!”


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