Prep Monday—The Compound

Here’s our general plan for the layout of our new place (note the two arrows—switch the supplies and storage sheds; I haven’t had enough coffee yet to aim for perfection):

compound2 (3) 

It might be a little hard to read, since I’ve made a few changes—work in progress, you know—and we’ve gotten new and exciting information!

We’ve been having some issues with the house itself, particularly the size. It seemed to be, um, growing.

So I took a different tack. I wrote down the size of each room by the minimum needed. For example, our current bathroom (yes, we have only one) measures 5 x 10. That’s just 50 square feet (I can actually do SOME math!), so the only thing to add was room for the washer and dryer; our current utility closet is 4 x 7, or 28 square feet. Ergo, the new bathroom/laundry could easily be just 100 sq. ft., not 120.

I did this with the bedroom and office too—how much space do we really “need” in order to fit in the furniture we want to keep? Besides that, we’re thinking of heating and cooling costs as well as one of the reasons for the move: being outdoors.

And that means we’ll spend a lot of time on the deck and porch and garden and in the woods. So who needs a bigger house? Not us.

In the end, we had 640 square feet.


We found a local place that will deliver AND BUILD a 640 square foot house (on our concrete pad/subfloor) for just under $8000!

So our tent option/idea has changed—we’ll save at least $500 there—and the plan is to get that shell up in the spring/early summer. 2015. Then we’ll finish it out over the next year, or less.

Cool, huh?



12 comments on “Prep Monday—The Compound

  1. Very cool, Robin! I’m certainly wondering if that 640 square feet is enough living room “:) Of course, when you add the sunspace …”:)


    • I know, I’m wondering too! But for two people, maybe? Smallest place we ever lived was 900, counting the garage. Unless you count the trailer we lived in when I was a baby and toddler – that was 400!


  2. Robin, I don’t know. My sister and BIL just sold their house. I think they had 700 or 750. It was VERY SMALL. I can’t imagine anything less. I think you and Dennis should make a road trip up here and see their house. New owner won’t be in until later this month. (I know her, too.)


  3. I love the idea, Robin, but then I’m a fan of the “little house” movement. I’m a minimalist by nature; I don’t collect things and I really have very little need of much beyond the basic necessities. I love it.


    • Well…I have a lot of stuff! But I’m getting rid of a ton, too. So, we shall see. And you’ll notice the “storage” building: this is for the the mementos and family stuff that I will NOT get rid of. Most will be used, but some not…


  4. authormjlogan says:

    We live in a three bedroom raised ranch. Half of our floor space is downstairs, half upstairs. 95 percent of our living is upstairs and rarely do we use the downstairs except the laundry (and to store a lot stuff we haven’t seen since it was put down there.) My office is 120 sq feet and is one of the bedrooms and the other bedroom is 130 sq feet which goes largely unused except for overnight company. So excluding my office, we live in 650 sq feet and are quite happy with it except for one thing – storage space.

    You could try to figure out 650 ft less office space in your current house and try to live without using the rest for a month.


  5. Brian R. says:

    Awesome!! I can’t wait till I can take my Preps to this level.


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