Prep Monday—Update and a Challenge

Our realtor sent us half a dozen or so properties to start looking at—yay! Now, we haven’t gone yet, we’re working on the pre-approval process, but most of those on the list are definite possibilities: 35+ acres, mostly wooded, and vacant. Good start.

A couple of them have houses pretty near, as in the owners built near the edge of their parcels, but they could still work out. One or two have power lines going through them—the big ones, you know? Those are definitely out. Ugh.

Half are about an hour or so from STL, the rest are more like two, at least.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!


Now for the challenge: September is Preparedness Month. A site I follow, Prepared Bloggers, has a new “challenge” every day for the entire month to help YOU get prepared for . . . whatever happens. SHTF, zombies, earthquakes, EMP, pretty much anything.

So take a look, okay?

Beginning on September 1, so far there’s been organization, meeting place, communication, fire escape, pets, exercises, and mental prepping. Good stuff.

Take the challenge! We are . . .



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