RHP—Never Nurse a Grudge

Charles M. Gearhart’s new book, Never Nurse a Grudge, is coming soon to a bookstore near you! And you absolutely have to go pick up a copy . . . Check it out here, and hop on over to RHP to order TODAY. It’s targeted to elementary readers, but totally has a lesson for all of us.

Let me mention, too, that Charles did all his own artwork—pretty cool, huh?

 NeverNurseaGrudge-Final525x8 (3)

In anger, Seth loses his best friend. But he soon finds a strange, jeweled egg under a broken slide at school. What hatches from the egg is a most unusual and very smelly creature. Toby is a pet unlike any other Seth has ever had. This French-fry-eating, finger-biting, super-stinky, time-consuming pet quickly becomes too much for Seth to handle alone. Besides that, Seth is experiencing the symptoms of a strange illness. Is Toby to blame? Or is it something else?




5 comments on “RHP—Never Nurse a Grudge

  1. Cool! Congratulations and best wishes for ‘Never Nurse a Grudge’ Charles M.Gearhart, Robin and RHP, looking great!


  2. paws4puzzles says:

    Reblogged this on Paws4Thought and commented:
    Cute new book for the elementary school set – coming soon.


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