Prep Journey—More Property

So we made a list. A long one. And we seem to be looking for that elusive property farther and farther away. At this point, we have two “maybes.” And they’re both about a seven on a scale of 1-10. It’s not that we’re picky, exactly, but so many of them have had so very much wrong!

I’ve told you about the cave property, which could be really cool. But the building site, about the only one we could see, is really close to the property line. Plus, it’s kind of a funny shape, really narrow where you’d have to actually get to the building site.

This past weekend, we went south about 90 minutes’ driving time. Beautiful country down there, and it was just a bit past another property we’d seen recently, the one where you had to drive and then walk a bit past all the junkyards. Or houses with junk. Either/or.

Sunday’s venture was 60 acres within a “subdivision.” Now, that could be an actual suburban-type subdivision or a legal subdivision, wherein the land was legally divided. Government can be confusing.

Anyway, the directions said “go through the gate,” so we did. The road was decent, and we came to a large pond on the right. The property started just before that pond, and it was shared with 3-4 other landowners; the line went through the south end. Obviously it was a local party spot, but in better condition that some I’ve seen . . . and there were a lot of ATV trails and old mining roads. We wound around, using the map on my iPhone to locate ourselves, had to back up a few times on the more narrow stretches, and finally parked and walked down a trail to the lake.

Yes, this includes a 10-acre lake. Which adjoins the state penitentiary. The one that houses the inmates on death row. Right smack across that lake.

Now, don’t get me wrong—if we built around there, which seems to be the most feasible, there are a lot of obstacles between us and the prison: trees, a big lake, more trees, a huge open area (well-trimmed), a high razor-wired fence, a yard, block walls and guard towers . . . you get the idea.

And there’s only ever been one escape. In 1994. Twenty years ago. So, you could look at that both ways: either it’s darn near impossible, or they’re due for another.

We hiked around a bit, and went into “town.” Population 400, so said the sign, but I’m thinking it was more like 150. A larger town is five or so minutes away, pop. 3000. Not bad. Anyway, we stopped in at the local store in the tiny town. The locals were all very friendly, said a lot of people had looked but no one pursued it. Said the seller was a very nice man. Good enough.

So this could work. No, not worried about the prison. More importantly, getting a well drilled and some kind of electric could be expensive. Although my husband thinks playing around on a bulldozer could be fun, too . . . I’d give this a seven, or an eight.

Next time—even further south!



2 comments on “Prep Journey—More Property

  1. Heather Kinder says:

    Don’t forget that I am bobcat and forklift certified.


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