Prep Tuesday—More on Ferguson

We heard late yesterday that our esteemed governor, Jay Nixon, has activated the Missouri National Guard. No, there’s been no announcement from the grand jury, but it’s of course just a matter of time. Days, hours, no one knows.

This is a perfect example of sheltering in place.

First, I’m not willing to leave my home and have no idea as to what’s happening here. Not yet, anyway. This is not a huge disaster, or a police state. Yet. Could it come to that? Perhaps. Right now we’re taking a wait-and-see attitude.

When I got the news, along with a list of places that the protestors are targeting for, well, protesting, I started to plan the details of our bugging-in. Two of those places are less than two miles from my home.

We have water for all of us for a week, in case the water lines are disrupted. If there’s time, we have plenty of jugs to fill. Enough food for a month, or more. Plenty of fuel, so we’re not dependent on gas or electric. Access to wireless devices, to keep abreast of news, and solar chargers.

And weapons. Yes, we do. Some of my anti-gun friends might be appalled, but they should know me better. My mother, however, is having conniptions!

The point of bugging-in, in case you didn’t know, is that we aren’t going to go out looking for trouble—but if it comes, we’re ready. If things get too dicey, here at home, we also how to block and where to hunker down. We have a plan.

If you’re local, you should have one too. And if you aren’t, you still might want to take a few minutes to run through your supply list and any kind of emergency plan.

It could happen anywhere.



One comment on “Prep Tuesday—More on Ferguson

  1. Stay safe and smart. Sometimes buggin ‘in’ is actually smarter, knowing the home turf and all of its details…”:)


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