Writer Wednesday—Radio

Say THAT three times fast—I dare ya!

My first radio gig was back in the ‘70s. I was “caller number” whatever and had to sing the Big Mac song. Scored a Big Mac, too. Awesome, right?

My second one was this morning. At 6:00. Yawn.

See, I’ve been plugging . . . er, promoting . . . um, talking about, yeah, that’s it, RECYCLED! Which is probably how I sounded on WTBQ this morning.

The interview was supposed to last about 10 minutes—it felt like it, for sure, but was really only three. I called two minutes ahead of the scheduled time, as requested, stated my name, and waited, listening to the program.

Then I was on.

They asked me what kind of book, and I said dystopian. There was some patter about the word, as both DJs said they’d never heard of that and asked for a  definition . . . they asked what RECYCLED was about, and I mentioned it was third in a series and this is what happens; they asked about the main character, and they asked how I came up with the idea. You know, the salsa story. And mentioned my website.

And that was it.

So now I know, since I have two more coming up next week; different stations of course. Whew. Glad this one’s over—hopefully I’ll feel more prepared. And, too, the next one is PST, and in the afternoon too!


2 comments on “Writer Wednesday—Radio

  1. Just wait until you’re in a radio studio, headset & mic on, and you get asked some open-ended questions…


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