Prep Monday—Fitness

Are you in shape? No, in this case, “round” is not a shape! Did you make that resolution, the one you make every year? Yes, that one!

I did not.

I have; in fact, I found Word docs from 2005 and 2009 that detailed that whole “get in shape” thing. Ugh. Obviously, I wasn’t successful.

But I will be this year!

Look, if you’re a prepper, it’s not enough to be able to stock up and learn new skills and be ready for almost anything. You have to be in good physical condition. How would you bug out on foot? How would you have the stamina to work on your homestead for longer than 15 minutes or so at a time?

Let me put it this way: if you had to embrace self-sufficiency today, in a week or month, or in six months, how would you fare?

I decided I wouldn’t fare so well . . .

So I’m going to jump on the New Year Bandwagon of Diet and Exercise Plans, i.e., this is what I’m doing:

  1. I stretch every day, including a few back and neck exercises that are pertinent to my own wonky discs. I was already doing this, but I added a few more. Flexibility is important, especially as we age.
  2. While my coffee is warming in the microwave, I do aerobics. I was already doing this. I drink coffee approximately 5 time a day, a half cup at a time. Ten times. It adds up.
  3. I pulled out my old handweights, oh, about 3 pounds each. I do 50 reps on each arm, bicep curls, while I’m watching TV. Or just gazing out the window. I’m sure the neighbors are wondering . . .
  4. I do step aerobics on the patio wall while I’m waiting for the dog to do his business.
  5. I walk every day, regardless of weather. Okay, I’m not insane, I have limits. Today, it’s 21 degrees with a windchill of 6. Not walking. Of course, as I’m writing this, it’s Sunday, which is my off day.
  6. I dance. Not slow dance, complicated ballroom steps or just, you know, dancing. Twice a week. It helps if I’ve had a couple drinks. Or four.

What makes this all so different? First, it’s things I like to do and, more important, short little bursts. Treadmill walking is boring. Besides, all the standard exercises feel too much like work. You know.

But just like everything else in life, consistency is key. I do these things every day. I don’t have to go anywhere, there’s no equipment (although I did buy a yoga mat, because I have all wood floors and that’s painful)—heck, if you don’t have handweights, use soup cans.

Guess what? In one week, I lost three pounds. Pretty darn exciting. Oh, sure, I watch what I eat, but I’d been doing that and it wasn’t giving me any kind of results. But this is. So far.

So, my advice to you is to do more. Doesn’t have to be a lot more, just a little. But do it every day. You have a lot of things to accomplish, so keep up your strength and build your stamina.

Prep yourself.



One comment on “Prep Monday—Fitness

  1. soup cans at ready, rugs vacuumed, epsom salt a’waitin’, computer cooling off twice a day. dressed to go to town afoot, windchill in the minus range. trying to eat all the squash and pumpkins, potatoes sweet and other. last of cabbage patch boiled with last of onions. forget the measuring tape and the scale, i gave them away, my clothes will let me know how well i do, ready, set, wait, i have a book to finish!


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