Write or Wrong Part 2: Where author Robin Tidwell procrastinates and practices taking selfies…

The Lone Writer: Shannon Yarbrough

This week I’m happy to share a guest post from author and publisher Robin Tidwell.  I first met Robin on opening day of All On The Same Page Bookstore, a store she and her husband owned and ran for about two years. Robin and I started a small writer’s group out of the bookstore so we have frequently shared our thoughts on writing and the industry. Robin has published three books of Dystopian women’s fiction and a helpful guide on Kindle called So You Wrote a Book: Now What? After the store closed, she started a publishing company called Rocking Horse Publishing.  RHP has published over 30 books to date, including my own Dickinstein. I asked Robin to share something today about her own writing process…

* * *

My so-called writing process starts with procrastination. A lot of it. I can come up with all kinds…

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