Prep Monday—Let’s Move On

Well, I’ve had about enough of this land search, and I’m sure you have too! We’re still a second on the property we’re most interested in, but it’s looking less likely. We haven’t had time to go look at any new ones—plus, it’s been cold.

Now, I’m not a fan of cold, especially when it’s also windy, but I’ve been trying to desensitize myself a bit. Not that it’s working out too well . . . I decided that 40 degrees is about my limit. You know, like being inside a refrigerator.

I received some lovely, fuzzy earmuffs for Christmas and they are AWESOME. They certainly help my ear issues (wind), and I don’t feel like I’m so bundled up I can’t move. I also received some mitten-gloves, which also helps—when you need your fingers to check maps.

Yes, I know all about layering, I just hate to do it because when I come back inside, there are all those layers to remove. And that requires, first, removing my boots. Maybe I’m lazy, but when I’m dressed, I stay that way all day.

Anyway, I do NOT like the cold. Could I stand it if I had to? Sure. But until then . . . 46 days until spring!

So, what can you do to prep if you’re NOT going out in the cold? A lot of things:

Go through your house, closets, cabinets, room by room, and get rid of the excess stuff. Stuff you can use, if it’s not an immediate use, box it up. Stuff you can’t, start a pile in the garage for a spring yard sale.

As long as you’re pulling stuff out of all those spaces, wipe down the inside of the cabinets and the closet shelves. Clean the closet floors. Heck, that’s a lot of “spring” cleaning you’ve already finished—in winter!

Rotate and inventory your supplies. Admit it. You keep meaning to do this, but haven’t quite gotten around to it. Do it now.

Wash the inside of your windows, as long as it’s not TOO cold. All that grime built up . . . ugh. There is no rule that says you must ALSO do the outside at the same time.

Plan your garden. Your state ag extension office will have a lot of suggestions, including how much to plant, a common question, as well as where and how.

There. That should keep you busy until week’s installment of Prep Monday. At least!




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