Prep Monday—To Jinx or Not to Jinx

Well. We found another property—we’ve been looking since September, so almost six months. We’ve put in offers on two places; the first was a cluster from the get-go, and we ended up being the back-up contract, and it looks like it’s a no-go. The second place received five offers the same day, including ours, and we lost it too. Turned out to be a good thing—a hoarder’s house. That explained why so much interior had been removed from the cabin!

This new one, well, we were supposed to go look at it today, except snow happened. Lots of snow. And it’s bad here in the metro area, so I can only imagine what it’s like on the back roads . . .

Rather than wait, and lose out again, we, um, put in an offer last night. Sight unseen. Are we nuts?? Wait, don’t answer that yet!

See, the new place is 35 acres; it has a barn, a clean barn, with steel trusses. An old house, not worth much at all, which is by the country road with the barn. The drive goes back between them to the house—smack in the middle of the property, in the woods.

The house is 900 square feet, with one big bedroom, a bath, and a kitchen/living area. We can work with this. Even has a dishwasher, which I wasn’t planning on.

There IS some clean-up work to do—the elderly gentleman who just moved out has a lot of stuff—NOT hoarder-stuff, just stuff. He may have an auction; he may not. Doesn’t matter to us, either way.

Everything works, everything is clean. The property is a little farther out than I wanted, but in my husband’s mind, since it has a pond that evens things out. Still trying to make sense of that!

He said his first thing to do is call the conservation department and get the pond stocked.

*I* said his first thing to do was move the light fixture over the kitchen sink—it’s about 8 inches off!




9 comments on “Prep Monday—To Jinx or Not to Jinx

  1. Now that sounds interesting. There’s aways a new one coming along, and keep in mind you can always sell off and/or trade “:) The house, even if not perfect, can be used as a base while you build what YOU want. Best wishes on this one!


    • Thanks, Raymond! Had a bit of a panic yesterday, so I looked around for few more options. It’s kind of like when we had to put on a roof a few years back – choosing the color and style was a crapshoot because once it’s on, it’s too late! lol

      The good thing about this one is that there is really nothing to do to make it livable, except removal of things left behind; some will no doubt be usable, some won’t, and the gentleman who’s selling it may still want some things. We’re okay with that.


  2. Sometimes the best things come for those choices made on a whim. While visiting friends in another state, we found our house in a local listing. We weren’t really looking to move, but a little bit of wine and laughter with friends has a way of making you do things. 😉 The next day we went and looked at it “just for fun”. Of course, it was older, needed work, but I fell in love. We offered them $40k less than what they wanted, thinking they would just turn us down. They didn’t. They accepted. Whoa! Uh, okay, I guess we are moving 1600 miles across the country. Eight years later, we are still happy with it. Good luck on your bidding!! And, I agree with Raymond. Even if it’s not perfect, you can always remodel or build what you do want.


    • THAT is epic! And totally something I would do!

      When we bought our house in Texas, it was the first one we looked at. I said, “THIS IS IT!” but everyone else said, no, you have to keep looking. Two weekends and 15 houses later, guess what we did? When we opened our bookstore, it was on an off-the-wall comment made by my husband. Two hours and we had a website; six weeks and we opened the store!

      Yeah, we ended up with about 5 inches of snow and it’s still coming down. And it’s COLD. So no going out there today…

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  3. I’ve decided to move south, all the way to the Gulf Coast, by the end of the year. Am I crazy? Maybe, but I’ve done crazier things. Good for you and Dennis on making an offer. Can’t wait to hear more about it as the year progresses.

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  4. authormjlogan says:

    Sounds great! Hope this one works out.

    And every acre of pond makes up for 10 miles of driving. Trust me on this. 😀


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