Fan Friday—It’s for Reals, Y’all!

You know how I write about all that survival stuff and everything? Well, in case you didn’t know, I kinda do all of that too . . .

Okay, okay, more than “kinda.” I’m trying to get us to eat better, which means I grow and can and bake everything I can; I have weapons training—and weapons. I can tie knots, find my way around, find water, build a shelter, etc. etc.

Only now, it’s for real! Or, well, it will be, in just a little over a year.

As some of you know already, we’ve been looking for property out in BFE, Podunk, whatever you want to call it, for six months. Six long months. We’ve made offers on two different parcels already, and this past Monday we went for a third—and got it!

We, um, haven’t actually seen it yet. There’s this winter phenomenon called snow; a lot of you are familiar with that, right?

So, as soon as things melt—and not return—we’ll be heading out there to see just what we’ve agreed to buy!

Thirty-five acres; pond; mostly woods; a barn; and two houses.

Now, the original idea was to find empty land, with water, like a pond or creek, and then build everything in the compound: cabin, storage, pump house, etc.

So, anyway, our plans changed a bit. Like the cabin, for instance—we were planning on 640 square feet and no dishwasher, but we got 900 with a dishwasher. [shrug] I can deal with that. I’m a little disappointed that I won’t be designing it from the ground up, but this place has plenty of things that can still be done, and will be, eventually.

Of course, the first thing will be to plan out and construct the campsite out in the woods. Ahem, that’s so all my friends can come camping . . . we won’t mention the work days we have planned!

Wait, scratch that—the first thing is moving the light over the kitchen sink. I can tell, even from pictures, that it’s off-center and that’s going to drive me nuts. And my husband says the second thing is calling the conservation department and getting fish in that pond!


4 comments on “Fan Friday—It’s for Reals, Y’all!

  1. Don’t forget to add a nice sun-space attached to the house, in the spring and fall, it can provide all of the heating and grow oranges too “:)


  2. gldlubala says:

    As a lover of camping, fishing and the like, I think you’ve got a good one here, Robin. It seems really nice.Happy for y’all.


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