Prep Monday—Zipping Along

So here’s the revised plan:

  1. SEE the property. In person. Thanks to all this flippin’ snow, we have yet to make the drive down there.
  2. Go to the seller’s auction in a couple weeks. There was some nice stuff in the midst of all the junk.
  3. Close. You know, do all the paperwork and hand over a lot of money. That sort of thing.
  4. Build an outhouse and a shower house. Not that the bathroom in the house doesn’t work, but we’re building the campsite first so we can work on the house over the summer and fall. It doesn’t need a lot of work, but does need cleaning and a few additional walls. Plus the decking needs to be repaired and sealed and re-worked. And a few other things.
  5. Host a work weekend. This is where we invite everyone we know—including YOU—to come down, camp out, and build the kitchen shelter at the campsite. And drink beer, ‘cause, you know . . . it’s a campout, after all. Might even have time to build out the storage units inside the barn. Definitely have time to hike and explore!

What ELSE could we do? Ideas? A dock on the pond comes to mind, and of course, we’ll need to assess the older house and see if it’s fixable and/or what to salvage. Good thing I’m a list-maker!



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