Prep Monday—Camping

We went camping this weekend, our annual freeze-our-butts-off trip. And of course, we’ll be doing a lot of camping this summer at our new farm, out of necessity while we work on the place.

How do you camp?

I realize that can be a complicated question, so I’ll go first:

I like to camp in a tent and do all the cooking over the fire; I like to build the fire from scratch. I even do the dishes over the fire. I can handle skipping a shower. Maybe two. Maybe.

Do I make concessions to civilization? Yep.

I take my iPhone and a solar charger; I do some of the food prep before we head out to the campground. And I bring my own port-a-potty with its own tent. J

Some of my friends who come camping will happily do all the traditional things, but they also prefer an RV for its beds and bathroom, particularly the shower. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t take advantage of the bathroom at least once, and I even plugged in my phone when my charger went kaput.

And by Sunday, I was done doing the dishes over the fire—they went into the truck to be washed at home.

So how do you camp?

It should be really interesting when we start making improvements to the farm and “living” out there for a few days or so at a time. There’s a well, of course, and electric up at the house and barn but not at the campsite we’ll build first.

The first weekends will be the most like our normal camping, as we build an outhouse and shower house, and then a kitchen shelter—after that, all the camping gear will stay there. And we just set up a new playpen for Kura, so she can watch us and not feel left out, but most importantly, so we don’t have to try to work while hanging to a hyper little dog!


4 comments on “Prep Monday—Camping

  1. The closest I get to camping is the en suite apartment at the compound in Marble Hill.


  2. Sounds like genuine camping, with tents, and ants. “:)


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