Fan Friday—Repeat Repeat

Too redundant?

I know, I know, it’s been two weeks since I said “next week,” but you should understand by now that I’m often usually always running behind . . . J

So, Abby and Emmy are still at the camp, and David and Jules and EJ are going west, with just a bit of a delay. Seems that Abby’s reputation has spread . . . not to mention Jules’. Alison and Brad are dealing with teenage angst with their daughter Zoe; she and Millie and Paul are inseparable—and plotting, of course!

You’ll meet some new characters, like Billy and his gang of would-be hardasses, and a few others. Naturally, we’ll have to go back to Chicago, as well as DC.

And finally, you’ll discover who’s behind VADER. And why.

So, now’s your chance: subplot? New character?

Oh, and one more thing: since I don’t quite have the cover finished, here’s the photo for the background.


Let the countdown begin!



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