Writing and . . . Sports?

I was out-of-town for a few days this weekend, and so I missed reading the news and, even more entertaining, the comments sections. Speaking for myself, I do tend to judge people on how they write, both in comments and on social media. As a professional, I try very hard to avoid errors and I correct them if I see them later. (Hint: most sites have an “edit” button!)

It drives me nuts to read things that professionals post that are full of mistakes – or simply ignorance. Why in the world would I want to read something longer that they’ve written, like a blog post or even a book??

So in the mail this morning, I received the following infographic from Grammarly with a kind request to add this to my blog. The first one didn’t surprise me at all – the fans who write most accurately are those who follow golf, a sport associated with hushed tones and calm announcers and well, let’s face it, a more high-falutin’ experience. Wrestling, at the bottom of the list, seems to call up loudspeakers, outrageous costumes, and wild and crazy fans. And, scrolling down, wrestling fans have a lot to say about their chosen sport!

What does this mean? Am I a sports snob? Probably. Honestly, though, while I find all things involving writing to be interesting, and I enjoy playing and watching some sports, I rarely comment on sports articles or blogs. Maybe never, actually – I can’t think of a time when I did.

Except when Albert went to LA. Yeah, there was that…

Living in STL, I’m a lifelong Cards fan,  but I’ve never taken my team’s wins or losses personally – and that goes about triple for any other sport. Okay, I’ll admit to giving some of my friends, who happen to be Cubs’ fans, a hard time now and again…or maybe during the entire season…but that’s just for fun. For me. Maybe not them? 😉



One comment on “Writing and . . . Sports?

  1. We must wonder if brain damage plays a part in those statistics…


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