Fan Friday—I Suck

At deadlines. Of course, they’re self-imposed, so I guess I could be flexible, right?

Quick story: once upon a time, I used to be very anal about cleaning my house. I did certain chores on certain days and if I ran out of time or skipped it for any reason, I’d get all discombobulated. Someone asked me, “What’s the big deal?” Well, the big deal was that I liked having a schedule and getting things accomplished—the problem, however, was my state of mind if it wasn’t done. So I changed. If I didn’t, say, dust the house on Tuesday, or on Wednesday playing catch-up, I’d give myself a pass.

It was a struggle.

Now, I know you’re waiting for this next book—quite frankly, I’m touched and honored and a host of other positive things—but as I said a while back, it’s a little different than the first three. So I’m struggling with that.

All I can do is apologize, again, for being late.

I know how it is—especially with a series. I’m a reader, too, after all.

Would you feel better if I said my publisher had delayed the release? Oh, wait . . .

Or I could give a list of excuses like I do when I have a doctor’s visit and he asks why my blood pressure is still up or why I refused to get on the scale . . .

OR—I could just set this post to go live and get the heck offline here and get crackin’.


One comment on “Fan Friday—I Suck

  1. The deadline should be “when it’s finished, it’s finished”. Forcing writing is a BAD idea and almost always obvious. Take your time, do it ‘writerly’. Best advice EVER.


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