Prep Monday—The Next Challenge

I was away this weekend at a writers’ conference, so there was no farm work to be done or to report on. BUT—this Friday, we’ll be back down there with a list of projects to do. And I really, really hope I’m not being too optimistic!

First, we have to positively locate the campsite. We have 2-3 choices, so far; the problem is distance. I’d like to be farther out, but not too far, from the house, but then we have the problem of hauling materials out there. (That was brief glimpse into how my mind runs in circles these days.)

We looked at a UTV this weekend too, really good price, but the reviews stunk. So we looked at better ones, but decided the ol’ bank account couldn’t quite handle that yet. We compromised with a cart, a heavy-duty one, but it’ll help a lot with hauling stuff.

The outhouse and the kitchen shelter are top priorities this weekend. We have friends coming down to help—kinda like a barn-raising—so we need to get it done. Of course, we’ll also be moving rocks for a firepit.

And after that, the list just keeps growing! Next will be the barbeque pits and the solar shower, and after that—or maybe at the same time—we’ll be doing a few minor repairs on the house and plotting out the walls and the kitchen remodel.

We had two hours driving home yesterday from the conference to think and talk and add up the dollars. Yikes. I mean, really, yikes!

I still have to call for a quote on mowing and plowing, but that has to wait until we pick up all the junk out in the garden area—garden junk, that is. Nothing any weirder, like the house had! Well, as far as I know.

But the garden IS a priority.

Oh, and the camping gear will be making its move this weekend too. Yay for clearing stuff out of the garage!

I promise, next week you’ll get more info and more pics!




4 comments on “Prep Monday—The Next Challenge

  1. Progress on a homestead project consists of the tiniest steps…one after the other, but consistently…”:)


  2. This post gave me hives,or maybe it was opening my own closet door once again. I swear the stuff multiplies overnight.


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