Prep Monday—The Saga Continues

What a whirlwind weekend! The kid was supposed to work Saturday morning, so we’d planned to go down to the farm early that afternoon. Then we had a birthday invite for the oldest granddaughter for Saturday night, so we thought, okay, we’ll just go Sunday morning and come back that night.

For the record, it’s about a 3-hour drive, so I’m not a fan of this. Friday afternoon, the kid found out he wasn’t working, due to the weather, and around noon on Saturday we got a call that the girls were sick, so that was postponed.

My husband said, “Let’s go!” so we threw some stuff in the truck and took off. We got there around 6:00, a little late to get started on any big projects, but I did get the house organized.

Now, you might think there isn’t much to that, considering a lack of furniture, etc., but things were starting to get cluttered. Ahem. Not by me! So I fixed all that, and then we spent a couple hours on the porch, just sitting and listening to the critters around us, and a little rain.

Sunday morning brought a few clouds, but we got all the rest of the trash and junk picked up. Sadly, we found more, and now have yet another pile of crap over by the garden—but hey, I said “garden!” With the help of a push trimmer, a weedeater, a hoe, and a wagon, we have a nice cleared area now.


Well, close enough. Still a lot of rocks, but they’re (mostly) dug up; we just need to move them.

I also transplanted a rose bush we found in the garden area, trying not to disturb our new “pet,” Blackie . . .

IMG_5341[1]                   IMG_5344[1]

What else did we find in the garden? ANOTHER FLIPPIN’ AIR MATTRESS! What’s the count up to now? Ten? Fifty? They’re everywhere!

Then we brought out the chainsaw. While I pointed, my husband cut down all the scrub trees, mostly cedar, and we dragged them into a big pile for burning.

We headed back home around 3:00, managing to miss all the storms except for about 15 minutes of hard rain at the halfway point. Whew!




7 comments on “Prep Monday—The Saga Continues

  1. Wow, well, believe it or not, you are making progress…looking good “:)


  2. Busy, but productive. That rose bush looks great. I managed to get a planter and put some flowers in it for my balcony. Hope it isn’t too shaded there. My orchid has a new leaf – I’m a happy girl!


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