Prep Monday—Down on the Farm

So, here it is, the first blog post actually written at the farm!

Good thing I waited, not much else to do here this week with all the rain and damp and cloud cover. Not to mention the temps—brrr. Never thought I’d be considering buying a DEhumidifier. . .

We got here yesterday afternoon, unloaded, arranged and re-arranged, made up the beds, and built a campfire. After dinner, we played cards and I got skunked again. Sigh. Maybe next time?

Oh, and we kinda have furniture: besides the airbeds, I have my antique table/desk, and of course the new fridge and kitchen table and chairs we brought down last time. And the two antique folding chairs in the living room.

Stayed pretty chilly all night, but I was toasty—the puppy snuggled down inside my sleeping bag. It was like having my own personal, furry water bottle.

Two deer this morning, in the side yard where we spend most of our down time. I knew if I put in a garden, they’d show up! Spent the morning hauling the trees we cut and trimmed last week, and put a definite location on the campsite. Very close to the last “definite” campsite, but smack in the middle of the property.

And let me tell you, I had to a bit of math to figure that one out!

We’re also freshly supplied with purple paint to mark the west boundary. It’s called, kid you not, “Posting Purple.” Wow.

Time to go light the bonfire. Thank goodness—still about 55 degrees, inside and out. Sure wish I’d brought my little space heater instead of all the fans!




One comment on “Prep Monday—Down on the Farm

  1. “Letters of Progress from the Farm” A whole new experience. A good prepper can handle it “:)


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