Work Wednesday—Making Progress

When we first began looking for property out in the boonies, we’d planned on buying vacant land and building up our homestead exactly the way we wanted it:

As many acres as we could afford to buy with cash;

Water, preferably live;

Mostly trees, with or without a clearing in the middle;

And access to utilities for the initial build.

Our intent was to build a 640-square-foot cabin and add a cluster of 4-5 outbuildings for different types of storage. It was a good plan, even if I did seriously underestimate the time requirements!

Thankfully, we ended up with 35 acres of mostly woods, with a pond; well and electric on site; a 900-square-foot cabin, and a barn. Or, as my husband calls it, a shop.

The thing is huge, 40 X 60, which means plenty of room for all his projects, our building needs, and storage. Except for fuel storage; that, for obvious reasons, will go elsewhere!


This week, we started working on the interior: three storage units, approximately 10 X 10, inside the barn. One is for memorabilia—stuff I’m not willing to part with like old photos and the kids’ baby things and even some of my own; things I enjoy looking through from time to time—but even so, I’ve downsized a lot of that.


The second one is for some larger items that I’m simply not willing to sell or give away yet, or I may or may not use in the house or elsewhere.

And the third is for supplies: food, incidentals, meds, etc.


Since we’re moving, permanently, in eleven months or thereabouts, we never go down without a full load. This may end up being the easiest move we’ve ever made.



6 comments on “Work Wednesday—Making Progress

  1. Oh, for a ‘shop’ like that one. You are SO lucky. They cost a fortune to build.


  2. You will be much happier in 900 sq. ft. I love my apartment. It is perfect for one person. If I tried to add a man to the mix – not so perfect. 🙂


  3. That is a huge! My husband would be jealous.


    • I know, right? Mine is over the moon! It even has a pit for oil changes, etc. Of course, it’s full of water and keeps getting that way after pumping, but we’ll get to that eventually. Going to put in a back door, too, for a little more air circulation.


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