Work Wednesday—The Remodel

We’ve been working more on the house remodel than anything else lately, especially due to the heat. Every day, of course, there are chores like composting and burning trash, weeding and checking over the garden, and tracking the progress on the old house.

Which, I’m thrilled to say, now resembles a one-story A-frame. They pushed it over Monday afternoon, and by next week, it should all have disappeared! Fencing and a second gate will go up across the front to fill in the gaps.


So, the remodel. Well, I’m not going to move in and THEN try to re-do everything, so we’re removing plywood (??) and replacing almost all of it with drywall. I say “almost,” because the front of the living room and soon-to-be office are also plywood, with lots of windows. What a pain. Besides, those pieces don’t look as bad as the rest of it did. I can live with it.


Then there’s the closet. The seller didn’t like walls, apparently, but when he built them, he went all-out. The three closet walls—it’s built into the center, load-bearing wall—are all super-reinforced. Since it’s just on one side (keep in mind that the entire house is 30X30), we finally decided it must be a safe room, for tornados and such. Down it comes. Husband has been moving electric, taking out some outlets and moving switches.


Next week, we’ll be adding some half-walls to divide things up a bit. Also, I need more wall space. Interesting how so much furniture is designed to be set against a wall.

After that, we’ll de-popcorn the ceiling, replace 2-3 of the fans, and start painting. Then we’ll have just the kitchen to work on: adding a double wall oven and extra cabinets and counters, removing the dishwasher, and replacing the existing counters.

Move-in date is still ten and a half months away, but—and this is a big but—we’re rapidly closing in on the start of school, which means we can only come down on weekends, for two days at a time. So that gives us a total of about three months.

However, I’m happy to report that the garage is almost empty! All the storable stuff, kids’ things and memorabilia, etc., has been moved. Next up, getting rid of this giant garage sale pile—coming in October. I think. I hate doing these, but we’ll see. Maybe I’ll just call a charity and have them pick up the whole lot!



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