Fan Friday—Racism

I’m am so sick of feeling like I should apologize because I’m white.

I didn’t ask to be born white. Black people didn’t ask to be born black.

I didn’t ask to be born into a middle-class family, upwardly mobile, even. Black people didn’t ask to be born into whatever class they, individually, were born into—see, I can’t even say “poor,” because while the majority of black people may be poor or whatever term one wishes to use, you absolutely can’t say that of all of them and there are plenty of poor and disadvantaged white people too.

Just like ALL white people aren’t living the life of a CEO with a million dollars—or a lot more. Okay, maybe most of the rich people, the really rich ones, ARE white, but they aren’t ME.

Do I think it’s wrong that SOME white people think that black people are inferior and show that by pulling them over in traffic stops for no reason, or shooting them with little or no provocation, or blaming them for everything, or thinking they’re dumb? OF COURSE.

But the people who do that are not ME.

So you know what? I’m done apologizing. I do want to learn, to study, to ask questions and have an open dialogue, but I’m done apologizing for being white.

I never owned slaves; neither did, to my knowledge, my ancestors. I never believed it was right to own another person. At the same time, while it’s history, it’s OVER. Just like the flying or display of the Confederate flag, which is also history, the war is over, which is why, presumably, those flags are falling right and left.

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t go on and on about slavery and racism and blaming the past, dwelling on the history of black people here in the US, just because it’s history, and then claim the Confederate flag should be abolished because of its OWN history.

Pick one.

You may disagree with my flag analogy; hell, maybe I even disagree with that convoluted paragraph, but my point stands.

And I’m done apologizing for being white. I’m done tiptoeing around the subject, or any subject, hoping not to offend someone. I love my friends, all races, but my friends and I can discuss things, brainstorm, work out our issues.

I’m equally certain that, one on one, most people can do that too. But not if we keep listening to the war-mongers, those who wish to divide and conquer.



3 comments on “Fan Friday—Racism

  1. Amen. I had a private FB conversation last night on the same subject. I’m sick of all of it. I just happened to be born white, straight, and with a brain that allows me to work to take care of myself. No more tiptoeing around the fact.


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  3. Well said, Robin. No one gets to choose ancestors and cannot change what has been done in the past. What counts is what we do now, how we treat people now, how we respect others NOW… I hope people will start using common sense and remember that tiny detail. It seems all we hear about is racism, hate-mongering, terrorism, and religious lunatics. I, for one, am getting rather tired of it.~R


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