Fan Friday—The Reality

For all you tiny house and downsizing enthusiasts, I’m going to talk a bit about the reality of both these things. Not necessarily going off-grid; that presents its own set of challenges. But the idea of “tiny” is much more palatable than actually doing it . . .

As I’ve discovered.

Originally, we were planning to have a 640 square foot cabin and shed-like outbuildings for different purposes: pump house, food storage, fuel, general storage, tools, etc. What we ended up with was a 900 square foot house and a 40 X 60 barn. And a pump house, which is NOT outside the back door, or large enough for my deep freeze and washer and dryer and extended pantry.

So, we adapt: we’ve built two units inside the barn, and there’s a lean-to on the back of the house which might fit the washer/dryer and a freezer. Might.

The house presents more issues—lack of wall space. You know those pictures of homes with all the open areas? They look great, right? Of course, model homes always do. You’ll rarely find a litter box or clumps of dog hair lying around. But take a look around your home—how much furniture is designed to go against the wall? A lot.

We started with two rooms, and are adding three walls, or partial walls, for a total of five rooms. Sort of. One wall is just a break between bedroom and office; one is a 6-foot wall to divide off the bathroom; and one is 5-foot wall to divide the living room and kitchen. Or maybe a bar. I haven’t quite decided.

As for furniture, we have to get creative. I have several antique pieces that I’m simply not willing to part with, including an armoire and a dresser from 1850. On the other hand, our bedroom suite is easily 20+ years old and has survived 15 moves, so it’s time to get rid of all that. And it’s easy, since we won’t have a huge L-shaped living room with three seating areas OR a guestroom.

Sorry, folks, if you come visit, you’ll have to camp!

So back to the furniture and furnishings: what to keep, what to get rid of, what to store? Thank goodness for that barn! This way, I can keep some things that I might’ve had to part with, the things you keep “just in case.” And I’m not talking about survival items.

Like the Mexican pine dining room table and the six chairs my husband built. I mean, what if the kids actually visited? We’d need space to seat everyone, even if it was outside in the yard. Or my grandmother’s electric organ? Granted, I don’t play it often, but she bought it in the 1940s and I’ve had it since 1989. And do I really need a six-foot partners’ desk, or will the antique table suffice? Or could I fit both in my office?

Should we get a new loveseat and recliner? Or use the old ones—they aren’t that old, but they aren’t what you’d call high quality either . . . The bookcases, well, they’ll fit! One way or another . . .

My current office is about 12 x 12. My new one is 8 x 14. That’s a downsize of 32 square feet! For the entire house, we’re going from 1800 to 900. Half. Yikes!

And it’s really not even all about the furniture—think of wall space, again, and the pictures you hang; or the items you display on shelves or wherever. The new place has lots of windows, which is great—in fact, my new office has two entire walls of just windows, which means I’m losing four of nine bookcases, with no wall space to spare.

What in the heck am I going to do with all this stuff??



5 comments on “Fan Friday—The Reality

  1. Do not skimp on desk size. i did, and I regret it. I went from 1800 to about 625 or so. My storage right now is at Mom’s in Illinois. Some things I just could not let go yet.


    • I really want to keep both the desk and the table. The table is a definite yes, the desk, well, that’s going to give me about 14 inches of space between the end of the desk and the front of the bookcases…


    • As long as you can get to the books, try it for a while. You can always change it later. I brought 2 short and 1 tall bookcases with me. The tall one is in the bedroom. The short ones are back to back and form a short room divider between the kitchen and living room. I even made use of a tiny space where all 3 rooms join by putting an antique caned chair and my quilt chest on the short walls. Every foot of space matters, but I don’t have clutter. LOVE IT!!


  2. We may never downsize. Why downsize? “:D


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