Prep Monday—A Warning

I’m sure you’ve heard that you should keep your prepping on the down-low and not advertise to every Tom, Dick, and Harry where you are and what you’re doing and planning. This is very, very true. But you also have to be careful around friends and family.

My husband and I were discussing our kids—we have five—and what they could contribute if they had to leave town and come down to the farm. The next question is whether or not any or all of them would have the skills to actually get here, or if they’d realize that they should be bugging out.

Or if they’d want to.

See, in four months, over the summer, the only one who’s been here is the youngest, who’s still at home and starting his senior year of high school.

I also have some dear friends who would be welcome when SHTF. They have skills to contribute, after all, but most of them don’t seem to be too concerned about a situation that could occur, any situation.

So it’s likely just us.


People talk. And it’s imperative that those who know where you are DO NOT give directions to anyone else. You’ve trusted them, but it doesn’t mean you trust or even know THEIR friends or family.

And you certainly aren’t extending an open invitation to everyone, just because you have a few acres in the middle of nowhere. We prep for US. WE are prepared to live here, indefinitely, when SHTF. We are NOT prepared, and will not, or should be, ready for anyone who does not have a direct invite from US to come out here.

This is not a vacation home. This is a farm. It may not look like much now, but it will. Sure, we can take a day off, most of one, or even two, to show you around and have some fun, but there are still daily chores to be done and our time is valuable.

Things in the city could get bad, really bad, this month, or next month, or next year. Or in five years, or never. No one knows. But it’s coming. And if you show up, you better have both skills and supplies. And if we don’t know you personally, you’re not coming in. Sorry, but my family is my priority. If you’re worried, start prepping. And spread the word to your family and friends, but DO NOT talk about my location or invite whoever you please.


3 comments on “Prep Monday—A Warning

  1. Alison says:

    Some may think it’s mean to say, but when it comes down to a survival situation, you DO want to consider the company you will keep. I already know who has skills or supplies to contribute and those who will be a burden or “added baggage”. It’s also important to know ahead of time who you could trust with the location & directions and who would falter and give you up if they were interrogated.


  2. authormjlogan says:

    Yep. I suspect those have will find themselves inundated by the have nots and the unprepared with nothing to contribute in terms skills or anything else.


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