Prep Monday—Getting Ready

As I said last week, there’s lots of talk online and on news channels about “something big” coming in September. Sure, it could just be rumor, but I, for one, don’t want to wait and find out too late.

The market is going down, down, down. If you—like me—aren’t an investor, why should you be worried? Well, I don’t pretend to know all the ramifications, but you can Google it; the main reason, though, is that this is an indicator of economic health.

You know, economics: prices and value and cost. Hey, give me a break; I’m trying to keep it simple. Also, I don’t have enough coffee in me yet to make a lot of sense of this.

The point is that, sooner or later, this effects the prices you’re charged for goods like food, gas, and other products.

Now would be a good time to step your prepping.

And that’s exactly what we did this past weekend: convenience foods, staples, water, etc. And gasoline. Probably a few more things this coming week.

You all know we’re planning to GOOD next spring. We’ve changed the timetable for that too . . .

I decided there were some things that I didn’t want to leave behind, if it came to that, and so I started packing. We’ve gone through two rooms so far, packing and moving things that we likely won’t need between now and spring—so if we have to GOOD sooner, we won’t have such a loss.

But keep in mind a few things:

We’re moving just a few hours away;

We have a place to go to;

It’s not like we could never return, if we needed to or wanted to do so.

I’m not expecting a major apocalyptic event that levels our house or burns down the metro area, although I guess things could get very scary here. I’m not expecting to have to LIAH, but if we did, we’d be pretty well set as far as clothes and personal items and so forth.

Remember, if you have to LIAH, you’re going to be limited in what you can take with you. In our case, we’d grab all the food we could, important papers and cash, phones, wallets, and pets. Not necessarily in that order, in case you’re worried about Fido.

The other thing that has me concerned is, again, the market. Falling shares could mean a run on banks or a banking system snafu. Or credit cards shutting down. It’s been suggested that one withdraw cash in the next couple days, just in case.

That is, after all, what preppers do—look at the just-in-case scenarios.



3 comments on “Prep Monday—Getting Ready

  1. I want the location of your money tree. Many people, like me, don’t have the extra money to buy extra “stuff” every week. Single girl on a budget here. If SHTF, I’m likely to get skinny real quick. 🙂


    • No money tree! In fact, the whole “getting one’s cash out of the bank” is a little funny in our case. Ten dollars? Twenty? LOL

      But I’ve been adding a couple things to my grocery list for a while now, esp. those 10 for $10 sales. Or sometimes, buy two containers of coffee instead of one; or throw in a few travel-size shampoos.

      At the same time, I look back to where I was say, ten years ago, and not much would have been possible then.


  2. […] done sooner or later and I hate to drive a few hours down there with an empty truck. And we have to LIAH, there would be items that I couldn’t take but would […]


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