Prep Monday—When the Balloon Goes Up

This is an old WWI reference for, well, SHTF. I was doing a search last week because sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s happening or what might happen, and naturally I want to be prepared. Duh, right?

My husband and I have discussed this a lot—no one really wants to leave his home if it’s not necessary. It’s not just leaving your home and your “stuff,” even though we’re actually prepared for that, but it’s also leaving your lifestyle and all the other things that comprise it. Things like school and work and business and friends and even family.

One of the first hits on my search was Survival Mom’s blog, one which I frequently read anyway, and she provided some great insight and a list of GOOD reasons:

Empty store shelves

Banking issues


Overloaded emergency services

Utility problems

Increased violence

Power grid failure

30% drop in the Dow


Rioting in three or more major cities


Martial law

Any of these, let alone more than one, could be a good time to GOOD, if you get my meaning. And honestly, this list helps—go read her blog for more details and a few additional reasons.

Some of these things are or could be related. For instance, if the market takes a dive, there could be a run on banks; if the grid, any of the three in the US, fails, there are going to be massive power outages.

The problem is that any of these things could happen, and some, particularly lately, are much more likely. This is why you have to pay attention and keep an eye on things. No more of that “I don’t watch the news, it’s too depressing.”

You’ll be a sight more depressed if you’re clueless about what may or may not be happening.

Of course, some of this depends on your location. We live in a large metro area, suburban, and it takes nearly 30 minutes to actually get out of “town.” We might leave a tad sooner than others, plus, we have somewhere to actually go.

So I’ll leave you with this:

Pay attention

Have a bug out location to go to—one that you have permission to use, one that you’re prepared to use and able to get to.

Leave if you have to; you can always come back if things aren’t so bad after all, and anyway, it could be good practice for the real thing.


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