Work Wednesday—We Did Nothing!

Nope, sorry, move along. Nothing to report this week—it was a holiday weekend after all, and so we took a break, finally.

However, my husband tried to work on the ceiling and he did do a little paint-scraping, thanks to my sloppiness. But we did have friends over for a barbeque on Sunday and he got in a little fishing while I practiced my paddling skills.

Not very well, I’m afraid. Ran into a few trees along on the shoreline. Nothing like taking a shower and finding tiny sticks in your hair, but not quite realizing, for a split second, that they’re ONLY sticks!

And, on Sunday evening, we went to the local rodeo:

IMG_5969[1] IMG_5976[1]IMG_5978[1]                IMG_5979[1] 







It. Was. Awesome.

But I’m tellin’ ya, rodeo sure has changed. Back in the day, no self-respecting cowgirl would have put glitter on her horse’s butt, and certainly no cowboy would be seen posting in his saddle while riding a horse with a partially braided tail. Or a fully braided tail.

Good grief.

In other news, I’m wondering if I’m too old to go back to barrel racing . . .



One comment on “Work Wednesday—We Did Nothing!

  1. Nobody’s ever too old to do things the good–old-fashioned sensible way. “:)


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