Work Wednesday—Finally Finished

Well, no one prepping is ever really “finished,” but our food prep is done. For now.

As I was going through the grocery ads today, I realized that there does indeed come a stopping point, and we’ve reached it. For instance, there’s a big ten items for ten dollars sale this week, and there is not a single thing in the ad that I actually need.

Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant? Check.

Pasta, noodles, mac n cheese? Check.

Canned goods? Check.

Peanut butter? Check.

All the long-term food storage has been covered. Yes, of course we rotate, but with a good six months’ supply laid up, we’re back to buying what we need each week.

Next up, the non-food items:


Antenna for our base station CB

Fencing material

And of course, the rest of the remodel. Having had a break of a couple weeks, I’m not too anxious to get back to skim-coating!

But I do like to finish a project before starting the next.

I have, however, designed the kitchen. Let’s call it “Round One.”





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