Work Wednesday—Oops!

No, nothing work-related. Exactly. I totally forgot it was Wednesday!

My husband headed for the farm on Tuesday, last week, and built the cutest little pump house:


He did a few other things too . . .

And last weekend, I repaired the lattice that was, um, not up to par. Thankfully, it was only the two pieces I’d noticed when I’d finished, and it took just a few minutes. My husband put up the light fixture over the vanity, but I’m kinda thinking it might need to be lowered. A bit. Maybe.


Then the fun began.

The goal was a picket fence for our little dog, Kura. We strung the string, had all the posts and picket panels ready, and brought out the two-man auger. Notice I said “two-MAN.” Hard as I tried, I couldn’t hold on to the thing through all that dirt and rock. Let me stress the “rock” part.


My husband drilled all the postholes himself. Guess HE forgot about the “TWO-man” part.


We also FINALLY got rid of the blue tarp hanging in the kitchen and installed the door to the lean-to.


And, just earlier today, FINALLY chose the granite for the kitchen countertops:


Ain’t it purty??




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