Prep Monday—Is It Time?

Is it time to bug out? I don’t know. I’m ready, but the house isn’t quite. Oh, we could certainly make it work, and we’re about one-third moved, but we have one small problem:

Last kid in high school.

Even though he’ll be 18 next week, he’s still a senior in high school and I’m certainly not going to abandon him, particularly if SHTF. He says he’d be “fine,” but he says that about almost everything. Sheesh. Kids.

Everyone has a reason why they can’t bug out or move out, and everyone’s reason is perfectly sane and acceptable to each of them. Others might tell them differently, but that doesn’t matter. It’s personal.

But there will come a time when you might need to re-think and re-evaluate those reasons.

For us, if SHTF before graduation, we’ll have to re-think a lot of things. For instance, what is the Event and how will that affect education? Is a high school diploma going to be necessary? What about college?

I’m really hoping I don’t have to make those decisions, and I might not—depending on the Event. Will there even BE high school at that point?

And some of your reasons may be non-existent or less important when SHTF. You really need to have a plan for at least half a dozen scenarios.

I read the other day that it’s much better to bug out prematurely than be caught up in a shitstorm. Or in traffic. Or to be turned back because the government thinks it’s better if you stay where you are, regardless of your own feelings on the matter.

This is why you have a BOB, both personal and packed in your vehicle. This is why you have a plan if, perhaps, you all aren’t sitting at home when the Event occurs, and you better have a plan for that too.

Here’s ours, for all-of-at-home:

All pets—right now, five of them—go immediately into the cats’ room. Yes, they have a room; it used to be our guest room, but when our daughter sent her two cats to live here, they needed a space to adjust, so . . .  But this way, they’re out of OUR way.

Thankfully, at this point, we have everything we need for survival already stashed at the new place, so it’s mostly a matter of grabbing weapons, BOBs, personal items, cash, and family/financial records.

And then, of course, wrangling the animals into their carriers and harnesses.

Practice, practice, practice.

What happens if you’re wrong? What if it’s NOT time to go?

Eh, no big deal. You’ve had even more practice, fueled by adrenaline and therefore more realistic—like a dress rehearsal. And you come home in a couple days and take up where you left off.

Revision is important, whether it’s because of an Event or that your circumstances have changed. For example, we had one weekday plan when my husband was at one job, another when he changed jobs, and still another when the kid started driving himself to school.

And now we have two more: what if one or both of us are working at the farm and the kid and/or one of us is in town?

Make your plans, and all the decisions possible, now. Write them down. Memorize them.

And practice, practice, practice.



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