Work Wednesday—The Weather and Stuff

As you know, if you read anything at all, Missouri is rapidly becoming the new Sea of the Midwest. Forget Lake of the Ozarks, although they opened all 12 gates AGAIN this year and well, there’s flooding there as well as a house sliding into lake . . . the St. Charles area is flooding, the Mississippi is knocking, and the Meramec, well, it’s all over the place.

The plan, and of course you know all about those, was to drive down to the farm yesterday and stay a couple days, laying tile in the office and bedroom.

Our secondary purpose was to drain the pipes before temps dropped below 20 over the next few days.


Then it rained. A lot.

So my husband drove down yesterday; he may have to swim back today as I-44 is closed for about ten miles . . . lucky for us, we often/usually take the back roads so we know how to roll. Suffice it to say, there was no tile laying or anything else, although he did mention cement board . . .

Here are the pics from the still-almost-finished kitchen, and I guess you’ll have to wait for more “Fun with Tile!” The next two months are critical, because of, again, weather. Too cold, too snowy . . . hard to say!






3 comments on “Work Wednesday—The Weather and Stuff

  1. I’m watching the flooding on CNN from the safety of 800 miles away. It was tricky getting from my sister’s to Mom’s, then to Belleville, then to Lambert. Unbelievable water everywhere, roads closed all over the place. I’m glad you are safe. Hope Dennis is careful and doesn’t try to drive through a flooded country road.


    • He’ll be on the highway, at least until it closes at Eureka… I was thinking about you after the train and the road closure over there…


    • I went to Mom’s a day early due to flooding, then went to Elle’s a day early for the same reason. I was nearly panicked at the thought of flight delays or closed roads. I’ve never seen so much water in so many places. I’m fortunate that I can work from almost anywhere. I could have worked from IL, but I was more than ready for my own little next in


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