Prep Monday—Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

And of course, you’re prepared for this, right?

The kid is prepared too—he left for church this morning at 7:00 a.m. with temps in the single digits and windchills hovering around -16. Naturally, I reminded him to make sure his windshield was clear and that, if he had any trouble, to stay in the car until help arrived. He texted me when he got there, and I’m sure he was still rolling his eyes.

See, the kid is 18 and, like all teenagers, thinks he’s invincible. Pretty sure that he secretly thinks we’re totally crazy for prepping, etc., although he hasn’t actually said anything. Yet.

He was wearing two coats this morning, but I saw no evidence of gloves. I suppose he could have used his pockets to keep his hands warm if he’d had to walk, although that could be awkward for any length of time. No hat, no scarf.

Hey, you try convincing a teenager . . .

However, he does have the requisite supplies in his Jeep: ice scraper, water, snacks, heat blanket, paracord, knife, matches, and a small first aid kit. And probably some other things. I seldom actually look in my kids’ cars, because it’s so horrifying . . . my daughter, for example, treats hers as a second closet . . .

But you do need to stay prepared for vehicle issues, any season, as well as for your general preps. Particularly because your vehicle is also your safety net if you have to bug out. Keep it maintained, keep supplies in the trunk or wherever, and have at least half a tank of gas at all times.

And if you don’t want to dress for the weather, at least take along those items you may need: extra coat, gloves, scarf, rain gear, and so forth.

As for being skeptical of “needing” preps, at least on a sizeable level, well, you never know . . . and yes, I know what I said last week, but things are changing. Have you looked at the market lately? A definite downhill slide; wonder why gas prices are dropping? That’s why. China sending troops to back-up Russia. The Saudis and Iran stirring up stuff, as usual of course, but stepping up their game.

Be careful. Be watchful.




2 comments on “Prep Monday—Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

  1. After having surgery, our food storage has taken a dip…husband isn’t much of a shopper and I can’t be on my feet to cook and bake for freezing (grrr)…so I’m looking forward to getting back in the groove in a few weeks. On another note, my oldest kept bugging and bugging me to go play in the snow. I haven’t gotten her better gloves this year, yet, and kept telling her so. She didn’t care, no matter how many times I told her. Finally, I just told her to go for it. She lasted 5 minutes.


    • Now that always drove me nuts – spend 20 minutes bundling up the kids for a whole five minutes outside, ugh! Best wishes for your recovery, and hope it wasn’t too serious…


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