Work Wednesday—How Much Longer?

Here are some fun facts about the farm:

We first saw the farm, online, in late January; we were unable to go see it because of snow . . . that was almost one year ago.

We made an offer two weeks later—and still hadn’t seen the property in person.

We started signing paperwork, disclosures and such, at the end of February . . . eleven months ago.

We finally were able to visit and look around, and the seller happened to show up and gave us a tour. That was last March, ten months ago.

We closed at the end of March, and started work the beginning of April—nine months ago.

So, for your viewing pleasure, here are some before and after pics:


Email_06151_010  IMG_5816

Email_06151_011    IMG_5312

Email_06151_049    IMG_6289

Email_06151_051    IMG_6267[1]

Email_06151_065    IMG_6147

Email_06151_023    11265478_10205499242258320_3804034143616014514_n


Our target move date is somewhere between May 20 and May 31, depending on how the sale of this house goes—and our realtor is coming by next week to start the process.

And that means—about four months and ten days!




2 comments on “Work Wednesday—How Much Longer?

  1. Wow! Big changes. Four months seems like nothing.


    • Yes. Especially considering everything we have to do and everything going on – our daughter is moving from Boston to Austin the first of March, which means stopping here to pick up furniture and coming back in a few days for her cats; the middle kid is moving the first of March too, STL to STL; and the youngest will be getting an apartment in May. ACK!


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