Work Wednesday—What’s Left to Do?

Well, I’ll tell you: a lot!

I promise, I’ll do a photomontage after we complete the finishing touches on the house, but for now we’re moving on to other things . . .

For starters, we’ve been and will continue to move more furniture into the house now that the floors are done. My husband got his new recliner installed, thanks to yours truly who did the wiring and stuff. I even tested it to make sure it didn’t fall apart when he sat in it. I however, must go shopping now for a new loveseat—no couch will fit, at least not if we want to be able to walk in and out of the kitchen door.


We also brought down the antique dresser, c. 1850, my favorite antique find from about 12 or so years ago; also the bookshelf for my cookbooks. It’s gonna be a challenge to fit them all on there.


Besides the once-again-cleaning-up-the-barn, we have two huge projects underway: the garden and the pasture.

The rest of the garden has to be cleared of old junk, probably another air mattress or two, and stumps, trees, and rocks. And then tilled and deer-fenced.

The pasture will be getting a split-rail fence and a loafing shed, because, come July, I’ll be in Sedalia, Missouri at the Mustang Makeover! Not as a trainer, but as a buyer. Can’t wait!

Unless of course I get carried away before then. I think this one is my favorite in the online gallery:





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