Prep Monday—Prepper Fail

The Farm Time started out this week mostly “as usual.” We drove a while, unloaded, put away the stuff we brought down. We ate a quick lunch and got to work on the end of the remodel.

Thank goodness.

The next day was gorgeous—the mercury hit almost 70 and that’s about when I realized the “annual campout” was going to be at the farm this year. And the campsite has been neglected in favor of the remodel, for reasons like weather, and well, we’re going to be moving in just about 109 days.

Okay, yes, I counted.

So we took a hike out to the middle of the property to see if we could finally finalize the location of the campsite. We’ve found several, but we marked at least one.

Maybe two. That Pepsi can was stuck to a tree for some reason, but I’ll be darned if I can remember why.

We also found Ed’s Famous Handkerchief. The one he tied to a tree last fall, or maybe last summer. Yep. Still there!

Now we had the spot, so we hiked out and got the Mule loaded up and set out to break the trail.

It wasn’t hard, especially this time of year. You can see where you’re going and the new growth is very small and easily clipped. Some of the older trees can literally be pushed right on over. But we had a couple axes, just in case . . .

We drove until we had to stop, then got out and cleared. Stop and go.

About two-thirds of the way down the hill, the go part stopped. That Mule was living up to its name, for sure. I cranked and cranked, choked it a few times, got nothing.

Then we checked the gas tank.


Big oops.

Prepper fail.

So we hiked up again, and um, resupplied. Including a lunch break.

Fortunately for us, the chainsaw started right up this time. Also, the wagon broke.

But I’m happy to report that yes, the trail is ready for the Mule, with a full tank this time, and the campsite is waiting for the next nice day so we can clear it and build the firepit and outhouse.

Hopefully in the next six weeks!




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