Fan Friday—Awareness

What is with all the “do this to raise awareness of” insert-cause-of-choice?

Wear red, wear pink, turn your porchlight blue, et cetera, et cetera. Type “amen,” “like and/or share,” if you “hate” something. Change your profile pic to—

These things are silly.

There, I said it.

Come on, we are ALL AWARE of cancer, heart disease, and police lives. We can contribute, or not, talk about issues, or not, but wearing a color or changing your profile pic or whatever is NOT GOING TO ACCOMPLISH A DAMN THING.

Raise your hand if you ever saw a friend’s social media post that said “cancer sucks, so wear pink today” and you went to your closet and changed into a pink shirt, so now EVERYONE WHO SEES YOU will say, “Oh, wow, yes cancer is horrible; I never knew that until you wore a pink shirt!”


Here’s your challenge:

Tell me something, anything, of which we are not collectively aware, some issue of today.

And then tell me how a social media post is going to make a difference.





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