Prep Monday—More Basics, Like Clothing

I covered food and water storage a few weeks ago, and today I’m going to give you a list of more basics to start prepping:

Skill sets





Medical supplies/medicine



Let’s start with clothing. See, a lot of people think of downsizing and plan to live off-grid or homestead or just prepare for an emergency, and this is where you can get tripped up: that downsizing bit.

We’ve all read articles about cleaning out your closet, how to choose things you don’t wear, how to keep from buying more “stuff.” But some of that “stuff” can really come in handy in a prepping situation.

I know you replace towels and blankets and things like that every so often; you either change your color scheme or they wear out or fade. But imagine this: it’s cold, the heat is out, and you’re shivering, wishing you had just one more blanket.

Or someone has been injured and you need a towel to apply pressure or clean up a mess. Most of us will be thinking, “Oh, no, I am NOT using that new blanket for THIS!” In spite of an emergency, we’re still wired to think like civilized people, right?

You can change that mindset, but it won’t be pretty. Assign a tub for all your cast-offs.

Same thing goes for clothing, but with a twist. You can use old clothing for messy projects, sure, but you can also use it for spare parts, so to speak. Zippers, buttons, extra material, repurposing. Bandages or wound care. Bedding. The list is pretty extensive.

For long-range emergencies or SHTF, you’re going to want those old clothes for any number of uses; not to mention the possible impossibility of replacing clothing as it becomes worn out. Think about it: what if you can’t run to the mall to get a new pair of jeans? No mall, no money, no transportation, no time.

Assign another tub for old clothes; admit it, a lot of these can be repaired in the first place.

That’s why you should buy the best you can afford, for the long haul, whether it’s equipment or clothing or properly packaged food supplies.

And that’s why you need to learn or practice your skill sets.



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