Work Wednesday—What a Weekend!

If you live here in Missouri, you know we had 75-degree temps this past weekend. Boy, did we take advantage of that: lots of work on the campsite, and you may remember that there were these three weird doghouses lined up near the yard—those are gone, too. My husband just had to play with his tractor!

First, though, he finished building the outhouse for the campsite. The original plan was to tack it together and move it in pieces, but we ended up moving the whole thing on the trailer. Damn, was that heavy or what? We had to lever it up on blocks, then he just pushed it over.

Once it was on the skids and tied down, we were good to go.






This, of course, after hole-digging. Why is it, on TV and in the movies, people just dig holes without running into roots and rocks? Sheesh. False advertising.            IMG_6496[1]


Next up was paint and clearing the campsite a bit more, and yes, we took time out to just sit and enjoy the sun. I’m not exactly a crispy critter, but at least I’m not as pale as I was . . .


I did manage to work a bit, and I’ve hung up more pictures and things. In fact, I hadn’t been down to the farm for a couple weeks, and when I walked in I thought, “Wow, looks like someone lives here!” Ha.

Then the tractor came out. Finally, even more crap is out of sight. Whew. This whole project has been an exercise in crap removal!




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