Prep Monday—Prepping and Moving and Losing My Mind

Oh, my. This has been an exercise in patience, which I sorely lack.

A brief recap:

Almost exactly a year ago, we closed on a piece of property in southern Missouri. Thirty-five acres. We spent countless hours/days/weeks doing various projects around the farm, including a complete remodel of the 900-square-foot house. We also emptied a 2400-square-foot barn (and have since filled it up again).

We’ve cleaned up and cleaned out and re-done nearly everything, and for the past several months have been moving in—which means, of course, that we’re essentially living in two houses, roughly half our time in each.

And they’re about 2-3 hours apart, driving time.

 So. That’s where I’ve been. We did, however, manage to get satellite Internet hooked up last week, so hopefully this whole moving-the-office thing will no longer be such a giant PITA.

Admittedly, our prepping has fallen a bit by the wayside—while simultaneously expanding in other areas.

Security is coming along nicely, as are communications. Stocking and saving are doing well. Now that I think about it a bit more, the problem seems to just be in my head . . .

Let’s not go there.

It’s still crucial, in spite of the slowdown of Internet rumors lately, to be ready for whatever may happen. Or may not. I still believe this, I’m still preparing for it:

We have kits in our vehicles, we have alternate routes, we keep our ears to the ground. IF we had to take off for the farm in a hurry, we could easily do so.

But I’ll still rest a lot easier when we make the final push in the next few weeks.


3 comments on “Prep Monday—Prepping and Moving and Losing My Mind

  1. You have really done a lot in that year’s time. It has been interesting to follow along via your blog. 🙂


  2. wordstock16 says:

    We are stuck where we are so are preparing to settle in should it be necessary. We also keep our ears to the ground and don’t like what we’re hearing. I envy your escape and even if it’s not necessary, what a lovely place to live.


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