Work Wednesday—The Big Move

Yes, I’m still around. Somewhere . . . And no, we haven’t stopped working! But our construction zone is now more of a moving zone, except in the STL house. THAT house is a little construction and a little chaotic and a lot empty.

In fact, it’s been on the market for a couple weeks now and has had two showings and an open house, plus an agent open house. And now, shameless plug for anyone moving to the area:

So the kid is signing a lease on April 1st, instead of May 1st. No, he doesn’t want to get away from us, in fact, he wanted to be assured that I’d come visit and cook for him. Not that he can’t cook. But still. J

By the end of April, we’ll be out in the woods—finally!

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see some changes online, particularly regarding RHP and my social media accounts. And I’ll try to be here pretty regularly—yes, I know I seem to have taken a week or so off already, but I’m really looking forward to writing a bit more once we’re settled.

Even though I’m the queen of moving, I’m currently at that last bit that seems to trip up everyone; you know, the end of the move where you’re just throwing random crap in boxes to get it OUT and MOVED. I’m as guilty as anyone . . .

And yes, I AM the queen: this will be our tenth move in 19 years, not counting stints in five hotels and with friends for several weeks at a time.

And no, we’re not military. Everyone asks.

What’s left at the farm? Well, besides those random boxes of crap . . . We decided to redo the shower, with tile, so there’s that and the bathroom floor. And we decided to redo the lean-to, aka the dungeon, so we have a little more drywall and then tile. Ugh.

Then there’s fitting in the rest of the furniture—not much, thank heavens. And the unpacking, which I mostly don’t mind. Except for, all together now: RANDOM BOXES OF CRAP!



2 comments on “Work Wednesday—The Big Move

  1. Your house should sell quickly. It’s perfect for a family and obviously well maintained. Your kitchen reminds me of my kitchen in IL. Best of luck in a quick sale!


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