Fan Friday—Be Kind or Whatever

I’m starting to get a little aggravated by the many, many social media posts/articles about being “kind” and “let’s make the world a better place” and stuff like that.

Why in the world would that irritate anyone?

Because I do these things. Because everyone I know does these things. Because we don’t need reminders to do these things when a major disaster occurs.

Here’s an example:

Women and skin care. The cosmetics industry has many women convinced that, if they buy this product or that one, all their problems—skin and otherwise—will magically disappear.

Let me tell you: I have yet to find the spackle that will do this.

So women everywhere are tense and stressed about looking younger, and constantly seeking the solution.

Okay, fine, YOU are not one of them. Doesn’t change the cosmetics industry’s marketing ploy.

So let’s say you’re carrying on with your daily life and you’re nice to people and you donate time and money to charity, and you try really hard to see the opposite point of view. With me so far?

Then you see posts about how being “kind” will fix the world—and right away you think, “Oh, no! I should do more!”

And the guilt sets in. Whether or not you realize it or acknowledge it.

You hear all the time about how “stressed” we are—sure, it’s the news media and our constant exposure, but it’s all this irrational guilt that says if only you would do MORE . . .

I’m betting, if you’re reading this, that you’re a rational human being, at least mostly, and you do not go out of your way—or even inadvertently—to piss off everyone. You don’t globetrot to blow up things and people, you don’t send subversive messages all over the place.

YOU are not the problem.

In spite of the 70s Coke commercials.

The problem are radicalized individuals and groups who think this shit is fun stuff and they’re going to be rewarded in their version of heaven.

Again, YOU are not the problem. Which means YOU are not the solution. No matter how “kind” you are, YOU are not going to fix the world.

So stop already. Stop feeling guilty and stressed because you don’t think you’re “kind” enough.




2 comments on “Fan Friday—Be Kind or Whatever

  1. You crack me up. I doubt I’ll ever be accused of being too kind (smirk).


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