Prep Monday—Recent Thoughts and Stuff

So we made the big move out to the middle of nowhere. Okay, there’s a “town” of about 200 or so within a few miles, and another of 5000 about 15 miles away. But here in the middle of our 35 acres, it sure SEEMS like that!

The moving went, well, like moving goes: long and exhausting. Even though we did move a lot of stuff over the last few months, the final push still meant finding space for everything in the house.

Turns out, I’m very thankful for the dungeon. Er, lean-to. Once we cleaned it out and started tiling the floor, it looks much better, enough so that I can store some things down there. Like extra liquor. Not sure how we accumulated all that…

Now that I’m mostly unpacked, I can tell you that moving to a homestead isn’t all about a gorgeous sunrise on the deck with your coffee, and hiking through the woods soaking up the warm weather. Or planning a garden, or measuring for your pasture fence.

Well, okay, it is, but likely while you’re gulping down coffee you’re also keeping an eagle eye on the dog so an, um, eagle or something doesn’t swoop down and grab her. And then you’re dodging boxes while trying to decide where to put what. And find stuff.

You know you have to get seeds started, and the garden plowed, and the pasture seeded—you’ve already scheduled that for Tuesday, based on the forecast, but who knows?

And then you realize that your office will actually be able to be worked in if you just stop for a moment and put together that new file cabinet you bought.

This includes an eight-pound bag of “hardware” and a part labelled C4. You realize what that part’s for when you open the directions book—not booklet, book—and decide maybe you’ll just leave your mess on the living room floor and go into the office, file cabinet be damned.

After going over your to-do list, all 124 items, you decide to just tool around on Amazon for a while…

It’ll still be nice out tomorrow, right?

See, that’s the thing—you just don’t know what tomorrow will bring. It could be snow—God forbid—or a storm or too much wind for seeding. Maybe you pull a muscle today and can barely walk tomorrow. On a homestead or farm, things need to be done NOW. You can’t just tell yourself that you’ll “do it later,” you don’t get to take breaks all day long whenever the urge strikes.

Alright, you can cut yourself a little slack, especially at first, because sometimes you’ll wonder when you’re ever going to have time for fun stuff.

You DO need to make time for all that, to do things you enjoy. But you better enjoy the farming or homestead life, or you won’t last long. Me, I can’t wait to start planting, but it’s also (near) the first of the month and the end of the first quarter, so I have work to do. The point is that it’s the PLANTING that I like to do—among other things.

Entertainment, too, can come unexpectedly. For instance, I’ll sure enough be entertained when my husband gets back from the barn and sees the mess of file cabinet pieces I left there…



6 comments on “Prep Monday—Recent Thoughts and Stuff

  1. I lived with my grandparents when I was little, 80 acres with a few farm animals, in a 3-room house with no plumbing. Some of the best memories of my life. I’d go back there in a heartbeat. Best wishes to you and Dennis in this new lifestyle, Robin. Maybe someday I’ll have extra time when home for a visit and can see your farm. 🙂


  2. gldlubala says:

    Good luck to you both. I came from the country, and spent a lot of my youth there, yet I seem to only remember the good points, haha. Thanks for reminding me about all the variables and things that depend on other things which may or may not be within your control. “Gree-eee-een Acres is the place to be…”


  3. Saw the truck in your driveway this weekend and said a prayer for safe travels. I’m happy for you that things are finally at this point for you all. Looking forward to more posts about your new adventure!


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