Prep Monday—Priorities

When you’re moving onto your new homestead/farm/bug-out location, it’s really easy to get lost in the moving drama itself.

Things like unpacking, getting rid of even more “stuff,” arranging, filling cabinets, and, er, transferring data can all take precedence over survival activities.

Somewhere, you have to draw the line.

First, just like with any move, you have to know where things are—you have to be able to find them, some of them in a hurry. Our weapons are secure, for example, and close at hand. Food, clothing for whatever the weather brings, hygiene; the rest is gravy.

Unless you’re like me, and can’t stand the chaos for very long, and unless you’re working at one of those job thingies. Like me.

We’ve been here just over a week now. Completely unpacked and arranged and cleaned up and out.

I HAD to. Trust me, it’s for my sanity.

I also had to work—one more book for RHP coming out this month. But again, for my sanity, I can’t sit at my desk and work for very long at a stretch without getting up and doing something, anything!

So I planted my herbs and started some seeds. We’ve ordered the fencing for the garden and I planted some rosebushes. I’ve baked several loaves of bread to get us going and done all the rest of the cooking and cleaning and laundry.

Okay, so hanging all the laundry on the clothesline isn’t as much fun as I remembered from when I was a kid, but it’s not bad and it’s great exercise! Rain, however, can put a damper on things. Ha.

Then again, it’s an excuse to wear my new rain boots:


We hired a man to plow the garden; it was cheaper and faster than buying a plow to use a couple times a year and it’s nearly time, or even a bit late, to get some things in the ground. Remember, though, as much fun as garden catalogs are to read, don’t get carried away. Plant what you like to eat; otherwise, it’s a lot of hard work for very little return.

And yes, I did mention a fence for that garden. Depending on where you live, you may end up feeding the wildlife instead of your family. Here, we need a 7-8-foot-tall fence to keep out the damn deer. Picturesque, yes; major pests, also yes.


Don’t forget, too, all the other projects you’d planned. For us, we’re finishing the dungeon, aka lean-to, which has become the laundry room; also the furnace room. And we have a shower to put in, as well as the bathroom floor.

Sounds nice, or will be when it’s finished, but remember—you’re prepping here, and the other things won’t wait. SHTF certainly won’t.

Animals, crops, people. That’s your order of importance. The bells and whistles can come later, but if there’s ever a time to NOT put off today what you can you do tomorrow, this is it. You really never know what may come tomorrow, especially weather. Always have a backup plan for chores.

Take the time to practice shooting or using your weapon of choice; check your fence lines, or build or repair them. Keep your cash stash handy—it’s too easy to use a little here, a little there.

And take time to enjoy your new place. It’s hard, when there’s so much to be done, but do it anyway. Then you’ll know what makes it all worthwhile.



2 comments on “Prep Monday—Priorities

  1. I hope that garden fence is rabbit proof. They will eat your plants faster than the deer. How do I know this? Experience. 🙂


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