Prep Monday—Road Trip!

I took a road trip this weekend to Kansas City. It was, yes, the 101st Missouri Writers Guild conference, and normally a four-hour trip, but it got me to thinking.

Many, if not most, preppers have a BOB in their vehicles for those little emergencies, and a lot of “regular” people have at least a car-type emergency kit, which usually consists of some tools, flares, and maybe a blanket or some kitty litter in the winter.

Since we’ve spent so much time on the road the past year, I’ve been careful to keep our BOBs replenished and ready for almost anything:

Matches, knives, heat blankets, water, jerky, applesauce in a pouch (it sounds gross, and maybe is, but it was on sale), water bottles, and some granola and extra ammo. I also carry maps, very detailed ones, and a first aid kit, as well as all the car kit paraphernalia.

And of course, we had all our necessities in our luggage.

This is one of the simplest preps you can do, and it’s not just for SHTF. You could be a traffic jam, accident, overheated car, out of gas, or a flat tire—which we narrowly avoided on the return trip last night.

It goes without saying that you should ALSO know how to use these things, from maps to weapons to tire irons. And practice! The side of the road is no place to figure out what goes where and how to do it and what happens next.

Especially when you manage to wander around in a pretty sketchy area of a major city for twenty minutes or so, all in the name of “adventure!”



2 comments on “Prep Monday—Road Trip!

  1. In this ever growing dependency that society has on electronics, I’m afraid that most young people will never learn, and ultimately, never know how to read a map. “Why have a map when I have GPS?” It’s a sad thought. On my last trip across the country with my kids, I started teaching my nine year old about how to read maps and how to read mile markers so she will always know where she is. She’s still learning, but by the time she’s driving, she will know how to get around without a device telling her where to go.


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