Gun Violence

Do you know why “gun violence” is a problem? Because of batshit crazy people, that’s why. Do you know why it’s a bigger problem now than, say, 20 or 50 or 100 years ago? Because there are more people—higher population equals a higher percentage of batshit crazy.

And do you know why it seems like ALL THE TIME there is a batshit crazy person shooting up the place? The Internet, that’s why.

We used to have news programs 2-3 times a day. Now it’s 24/7. Here’s an example—remember when, if there was a tornado coming, the news channels would broadcast that to let everyone know? And remember, too, when it was going to rain or a thunderstorm was expected, those news people would say, “Well, looks like rain and wind and lightning today, folks!”

And that was it.

Today, it’s “OMG, we’re in STORM MODE! Stay tuned while we interrupt all your favorite programming to tell you it’s RAINING!”

Doesn’t that tell you a single thing? We’re drama queens.

Particularly when it comes to social media—everyone wants to be “first.” You know how those annoying “first” comments used to pop up all the time? Now everyone wants to be the “first” to announce a MAJOR EVENT! JUST HAPPENED! OMG, look at me, I TOLD YOU FIRST!

Let’s break this down a bit more:

Why do people want to own and shoot an AR-15 which, by the way, is NOT an automatic weapon. It’s semi-auto—one pull of the trigger equals one shot. But why not just own a regular rifle or handgun?

Because it looks cool.

I kid you not. It’s the difference between a Mustang, for example, and a Taurus. They’ll both do the job, but one is really awesome.

And an AR-15 is NOT a military weapon. It’s modeled after one, the M-16. Remember when kids used to be allowed to play with toy guns? Even if they weren’t, of course, they’d still point fingers and yell, “Bang!” What did those toy guns look like? Real guns, amiright?

Of course, you may be so “progressive” that you didn’t allow your kids to play with toy guns. I have a friend like this—she has seven boys. They still pointed fingers and yelled, “Bang!”

On another note, a friend posted on social media—okay, several of them—that he wished that there was no more violence and hate in the world.

About that. We all would like that. Yes, even gun owners. But it will NOT HAPPEN.

First, you can’t legislate feelings, although you can outlaw acting on one’s feelings. This, by the way, is part of sane adulthood—not an oxymoron—you CAN FEEL whatever you want, but you simply don’t act on it.

It’s called responsibility.

Second, and most important, is that the world is full of sin—things like hate and violence—and those are simply not going away because one wishes it to be so. Or because one organizes marches or groups or sit-ins or protests.

Thanks to that whole kerfuffle with God, Satan, Adam, and Eve, this is the way things are. Sinful.





2 comments on “Gun Violence

  1. Definitely with you on the media & internet playing a part in all of this. I love the Internet as much as the next person, but by allowing everyone to have a voice, everyone is free to start up their own blog talking about how the government is behind Orlando, and other people falling in line behind that person, and then all of a sudden, that blog is viewed as a “source.” And the whole 24-hour news cycle should have used that opportunity to get stories correct and fully detailed, and instead they’re using their big “BREAKING NEWS” graphic to show Justin Bieber getting arrested. It’s all a mess that’s turned something as honorable as news reporting into clickbait BS.


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