Prep Monday—Taking Back America

I know the left makes fun of the phrase “taking back America,” mostly because, no, things weren’t rosy for everyone back in the day. But to me it means that many things WERE better then, for everyone:

Prices were more reasonable, even considering inflation.
Kids were actually disciplined.
Kids were taught the basics in school, and yes, memorization worked.
No one freaked out about what the kids were doing outside all day.
Products were made in America, and that means
Jobs were in manufacturing, not the service industry, and that means
People did less sitting on their asses pushing papers and were more active and therefore
We were healthier as a whole, in spite of smoking being cool, because we ate
Real food instead of crap.
At any rate, we didn’t worry about it, so there’s that, because we didn’t have
24/7 news and information—we were only concerned about shit when a show was interrupted because
The media didn’t make a crisis out of every.single.thing.
We weren’t taxed or regulated to death—the government was not Mommy.
We were proud of our country: we were the best, the strongest, and had the most opportunities.

So think about it and stop laughing for a minute. This is what I see, and this is what I think. Sure, some things were worse, especially for some groups of people—sometimes horribly so. And no one wants to return to that—no one has suggested it. Okay, a few nutjobs and fringe groups have, but:
You cannot deny that these things, things that did indeed make America great, were much better back when . . .


4 comments on “Prep Monday—Taking Back America

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    Yes. This.


  2. Have you noticed how people of a couple of generations are now thinking the same. Yet there is an old adage that comes to mind “You can never go back”. It works like this.

    That lovely little town you once knew has degraded or been developed into a mess. People who are living there won’t even had noticed the fall, to them it’s life as normal BUT you coming back think “Jeez, what did I like about this place”.

    Now you want to turn back the clock?
    Nope, you’ll find resistance on all levels. City hall, the newest of generations, business, the whole nine yards. That’s because the old ways weren’t ‘modern enough’, thus things have evolved to suit new “needs”. aka business aka government diktats.

    In the end it’s rather like you proposing a new improved recipe or soap powder, it’ll never be as good as the original as things (and tastes) have moved on.

    Only what if you did reset everything?
    OK you demolish the new medical facility and reinstate the local doctor.
    Close the supermarket and re-open the little grocers.
    Bye bye 24 hour shopping, and the one family doctor of old has a waiting list of a month before he’ll see you.
    Then you make the school more disciplined (and await the law suit from the youngsters let alone the state).

    You can never go back BUT too often people are afraid of moving on.
    Another adage, the grass is greener over the hill. Only sometimes it’s not but in the time that it’s taken you to realise that life has moved on and your lovely ex-front garden has been paved over by progress.


    • I hear what you’re saying, I’m only maintaining that many things were better back then and we’ve lost some of that due to “progress.” Much is inevitable, but the phrases “making America great again” or “taking back America” should be examined more closely instead of taken as a merely a rallying cry.

      Dennis and I were talking yesterday, going into town and noticing how quiet it was on a holiday. Think about that – Sunday blue laws, if they did nothing else, required that folks plan ahead for a weekend or holiday. It slowed everyone down, forcing people to stop and smell the roses. As for that family doctor, docs were more accessible and familiar with patients and that counted for a lot, I think – that big med facility? How many are actually doctors and how many are administrators?

      I knew things were headed south when my oldest started elementary school and I saw what they did in the name of “progress.” Why, they were so progressive that kids learned nothing – these are the 20- and 30-somethings we’re dealing with now.

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    • Yep I totally identify with your thinking. Problem is progress. Only no one actually said it was ever for the better,


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